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Agilent PLgel Olexis

PLgel Olexis HPLC Columns from Agilent

PLgel Olexis is optimized for the analysis of high molecular weight polymers at elevated temperatures, particularly polyolefins and high performance polymers. The column is packed with 13 µm particles designed to strike the best balance between efficiency, lifetime, and resolution without the risk of shear degradation of samples.

Part Number Short Description Phase Particle Size ID Length Price Qty
PL1110-6400 PLgel Olexis 300 x 7.5mm PLgel Olexis 13 um 7.5 mm 300 mm
PL1410-0200 PLgel Olexis Column Repair Gel PLgel Olexis 13 um
PL1110-1400 PLgel Olexis Guard 50 x 7.5mm PLgel Olexis 13 um 7.5 mm 50 mm
  • Optimized design for analysis of polyolefins and high performance polymers
  • Fewer replacements, delays, and failed runs due to column degradation
  • Operates at temperatures up to 220°C
  PLgel Olexis
MW Range 2,000 - 10,000,000 g/mol
Particle size 13 µm
Typical efficiency >30,000 p/m
Frit 20 µm
Max Temperature 220 ºC
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