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Agilent Polystyrene EasiCal Standards

The EasiCal system for organic solvents consists of two different combs, each with ten detachable spatulas supporting a mixture of five polymer standards. The thin film of polymer (approximately 5 mg) on the tip of the PTFE spatulas rapidly dissolves when immersed in eluent to provide two GPC/SEC calibration solutions. A single pack provides ten spatulas of each type, with MWs selected to provide equidistant calibration points for greater accuracy.

Part Number Short Description Material Price Qty
PL2010-0501 EasiCal, PS-1, 1/pk Polystyrene
PL2010-0505 EasiCal, PS-1, 5/pk Polystyrene
PL2010-0601 EasiCal, PS-2, 1/pk Polystyrene
PL2010-0605 EasiCal, PS-2, 5/pk Polystyrene
  • Easy three step process with no fuss
  • Cost effective format saves money
  • Only two injections for improved productivity

The EasiCal system consists of two different combs, each with 10 detachable spatulas supporting a mixture of 5 polymer standards.

EasiCal Type Polystyrene PS-1 Polystyrene PS-2
MW Range 580-7,000,000 580-400,000
Constituent Polymers Spatula A (nominal Mp) 7,000,000 500,000
700,000 100,000
130,000 20,000
30,000 5,000
3,000 1,300
Constituent Polymers Spatula B (nominal Mp) 2,500,000 200,000
300,000 50,000
70,000 10,000
10,000 3,000
580 580
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