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Agilent LC Pump Kits

Agilent provides a variety of high quality pump kits for LC systems and applications, containing all fittings and connections required. Pump start-up kits for RRLC pumps and nanoflow LC systems are provided, along with seal wash kits for active, continuous or preventative maintenance seal washing purposes. Pump kits include all relevant fittings, tubing, valves, seals and other components required to produce the highest levels of performance in all LC pumps and systems.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
01100-68002 1100 Bin/ALS Stay-Fit Maintenance Pack
01100-68003 1100 Bin/ALS/DAD Stay-Fit Maintenance Pack
01100-68006 1100 Bin/WPS Stay-Fit Maintenance Pack
01100-68007 1100 Bin/WPS/DAD Stay-Fit Maintenance Pack
01100-68000 1100 Quat/ALS Stay-Fit Maintenance Pack
01100-68001 1100 Quat/ALS/VWD Stay-Fit Maintenance Pack
01100-68004 1100 Quat/WPS Stay-Fit Maintenance Pack
01100-68005 1100 Quat/WPS/VWD Stay-Fit Maintenance Pack
5067-6652 1290 Infinity Service Kit for LL/EM PHs
G1361-68707 Accessory kit prep Pump/gradient G1361A
G1312-68711 Active Seal wash kit for Binary Pumps
G1311-68711 Active Seal wash kit for Iso/Quat Pumps
G1376-68707 Extended flow range kit (100uL/min)
5065-4499 Extended PM kit 1100/1050/1200 Pumps
G1361-68710 PM kit for 1100 series prep Pump
G1310-68741 PM kit for 1260 Iso/Quat/1220 Pump
G4220-68741 PM Kit for 1290 Binary Pumps
G7131-68740 PM Kit for 1290 Infinity II Bio Flexible Pumps
G4204-68741 PM Kit for 1290 Quaternary Pumps
G1312-68730 PM Kit for Binary Pump
G1312-68741 PM kit for G1312 Binary Pump
G1376-68710 PM kit for G1376A Capillary Pump
G1310-68730 PM Kit for Isocratic/Quaternary Pump
G7120-68741 PM Kit for LL/EM Heads (Binary Pump)
G7104-68741 PM Kit for LL/EM Heads (Quat Pumps)
G1310-68731 PM Kit for Seal wash option
G7161-68730 Preventative Maintenance Kit 1260 Infinity II Prep, Binary Pump 1
G1311-68710 Pump Start-up Kit
01018-68722 Seal wash kit
G1310-68742 Seal wash PM kit for 1260 Pump
G4220-68742 Seal Wash PM Kit for 1290 Binary Pumps
G4204-68742 Seal Wash PM kit for 1290 Quat Pumps
5067-6137 Tubing Connector Leak Kit
InfinityLab LC Supplies Brochure (12.08 MB)
Consumable items for Agilent HPLC systems
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