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Agilent LC Purge Valves for HPLC Pumps

We supply LC pump supplies, including specific purge valves for a wide variety of Agilent LC systems, providing you with excellent flexibility to acquire the supplies or replacements needed to ensure the ongoing success of your LC system. Valves designed to operate under a variety of pressures and in different size and capacity pumps are available, all of which are precision-engineered to Agilent's exacting quality standards.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
5068-0005 5-position/7-port 1200 Bar Rotor Seal for 1290 Infinity Binary Pump 1
5068-0004 5-position/7-port 1200 Bar Stator for 1290 Infinity Binary Pump 1
01018-22707 PTFE Frits 5pk 5
G7161-60036 Purge Valve Handle Assembly 1
G1312-60071 Purge Valve Long with PTFE Frit 1
G7111-60061 Purge Valve short with PTFE Frit 1
5068-0123 Rotor 8-position/9-Port Purge Valve 1200 Bar 1
5068-0202 Rotor, PEEK, 1300 Bar, for 1290 Infinity II Flexible Pump
5067-4174 Valve Head 8-position/9-port 1200 Bar 1

PTFE Frits

The PTFE frit is a crucial part in the flow path that prevents particulates and microbes from getting into the system. It is important that frits maintain their shape up to the pressure limit of the system, since collapse or abrasion of the frit can release PTFE particles, resulting in blockage or loss of analysis efficiency.

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) inspection reveals that sizes of PTFE particles in Agilent frits are much more uniform than frits from other vendors. If the frit is abraded, particles that are too large can block the flow path, while particles too small can pass through the column inlet frit, getting into the column, or even reach the detector causing contamination of the flow cell. In contrast to alternative frits, Agilent frits are designed to have a defined particle size to avoid these issues.

Manual Purge Valves

G1312-60071 - Purge valve, long, with PTFE frit, 600 bar, for pumps G1310A/B, G1311A/B/C, G1312A/B/C, G1376A, G2226A, G7111A/B, G7112B, G4302A, G4782A

G7111-60061 - Purge valve, short, with PTFE frit, 600 bar, for 1120/1220 Series pumps

G5611-60062 - Bio-inert purge valve, long, for 1260 Infinity Bio-inert quaternary pump (G5611A)

G5611-60064 - Bio-inert purge valve, short, for 1260 Infinity II Bio-inert quaternary pump (G5654A)

01018-22707 - PTFE frits, for 1290 Infinity binary pumps (G4220A/B) and all 1260

5067-4728 - Seal cap, for all manual purge valves

Automated Purge Valves

5068-0005 - Rotor seal (vespel), 1200 bar, for G4220A/B

5068-0004 - Stator head, 1200 bar/1300 bar, for G4220A/B, G7120A

5068-0201 - Rotor seal (PEEK), 1300 bar, for G7120A

5068-0123 - Rotor, for multipurpose valve head, 1200 bar, for G4204A

5068-0001 - Stator, for multipurpose valve, 1200 bar/1300 bar, for G4204A, G7104A/C

5068-0202 - Rotor, for multipurpose valve head, 1300 bar, for G7104A

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