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Agilent Quick Change In-line Filters

Particles can come from everywhere in the flow path - solvents, samples or worn instrument parts. Over time, particles clog the column frit, causing pressure increases that damage LC columns and shorten their lifetime. The Agilent InfinityLab Quick Change inline filter protects valuable columns by capturing particles before they reach the column, extending their use and reducing your cost per sample.

The innovative Quick Change inline filter enables finger-tight, tool-free replacement of filter discs. A click sound tells you when your filter is tight up to 1300 bar, with no risk of over- or under-tightening. The filter housing is robust for over 100 filter disc replacements, reducing operation cost and avoiding troubleshooting. Five different dimensions and porosities of filter discs are available to suit all your application needs.

Part Number Short Description ID Length Pore Size Pack Size Price Qty
5023-3344 Capillary Stainless Steel, 0.12 x 90mm, SX/SX, ps/ns 0.12 mm 90 mm 1
5023-3343 Capillary Stainless Steel, 0.17 x 90mm, SX/SX, ps/ns 0.17 mm 90 mm 1
5067-1602 In-Line Filter Assembly, for HPLC, with 4.6mm 0.5um Filter Discs, 90mm Capillary 4.6 mm 90 mm 0.5 um 1
5067-1603 In-Line Filter Assembly, for UHPLC, with 2.1mm 0.2um Filter Discs, 90mm Capillary 2.1 mm 90 mm 0.2 um 1
5067-1610 Quick Change Filter Discs, 2.1mm, 0.2um, 5/pk 2.1 mm 0.2 um 5
5067-1611 Quick Change Filter Discs, 2.1mm, 0.5um, 5/pk 2.1 mm 0.5 um 5
5067-1612 Quick Change Filter Discs, 4.6mm, 0.2um, 5/pk 4.6 mm 0.2 um 5
5067-1613 Quick Change Filter Discs, 4.6mm, 0.5um, 5/pk 4.6 mm 0.5 um 5
5067-1614 Quick Change Filter Discs, 4.6mm, 2um, 5/pk 4.6 mm 2 um 5
  • Efficient filtration of particles to protect columns and extend column lifetime
  • Tool-free, in-situ replacement of filter disc
  • Click and seal - a click sound tells you when the filter is tight up to 1300 bar
  • Robust filter housing for over 100 filter disc replacements
  • Five types of filter discs available - 2.1mm id with 0.2µm/0.5µm pore size, 4.6mm id with 0.2µm/0.5µm/2.0µm pore size
  • Touchless packaging enables no-touch insertion of filter disc into filter housing
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