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Safety Waste Caps from Agilent

Acetonitrile and methanol are just two of the many toxic compounds you may be exposed to every day. The Stay Safe caps stop solvents from leaching into the air – protecting both you and your coworkers.

The InfinityLab charcoal filter absorbs the harmful solvent vapors coming from the waste container, ensuring clean air. Six-month time strip tells you when the filter needs to be replaced.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
5043-1207 2 ports Waste collector PTFE 1
5043-1193 InfinityLab Charcoal filter 58g with time strip for InfinityLab Stay Safe Cap    1
5043-1220 InfinityLab safe cap GL45 4 ports for Waste 1
5043-1695 InfinityLab Stay Safe cap, GL38, 4 ports 1
5043-1336 Stay Safe Cap S60 4 ports for waste 1
5043-1338 Stay Safe Waste Kit 10L
  • Prevent solvents from leaching into the air
  • Affordably increase and maintain lab safety
  • Easy to install
  • Time strip indicates when the charcoal filter needs to be replaced
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