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Agilent Smart SPME Fibers

Agilent Smart SPME Fibers offer compatibility with all PAL3 models including PAL3 Series II smart instrumentation. Each Smart SPME Fiber is equipped with a unique smart chip containing parameters, ranges, and usage history for the specific fiber. Agilent Smart SPME Fibers are colour coded to easily identify chemistry and thickness. Whether you are a new SPME user or switching to smart technology, you can be confident that performance of Agilent Smart SPME Fibers remains of the highest quality.

Part Number Short Description Film Thickness Phase Needle Gauge Pack Size Colour Price Qty
5610-5878 Smart SPME Fiber Selection Set 1, 5/pk Multiple Multiple 23 5 Multiple
5610-5879 Smart SPME Fiber Selection Set 2, 5/pk Multiple Multiple 23 5 Multiple
5610-5876 Smart SPME Fiber, Acrylate-85/10, Grey, 86um, 3/pk 86 um Acrylate 23 3 Grey
5610-5875 Smart SPME Fiber, Carbon WR/PDMS 95/10, 95um, Dark Blue, 3/pk 95 um Carbon WR/PDMS 23 3 Dark Blue
5610-5874 Smart SPME Fiber, DVB/Carbon WR/PDMS 80/10, 80um, Dark Grey, 3/pk 80 um DVB/Carbon WR/PDMS 23 3 Dark Grey
5610-5873 Smart SPME Fiber, DVB/PDMS 65/10, 65um, Violet, 3/pk 65 um DVB/PDMS 23 3 Violet
5610-5872 Smart SPME Fiber, PDMS-100/10, 100um, Red, 3/pk 100 um PDMS 23 3 Red
5610-5871 Smart SPME Fiber, PDMS-30/10, 30um, Golden, 3/pk 30 um PDMS 23 3 Golden
5610-5870 Smart SPME Fiber, PDMS-7/10, 7um, Green, 3/pk 7 um PDMS 23 3 Green
  • Smart technology enables critical parameter tracking for each unique SPME fiber
  • Automatic application of the correct parameters for the individual smart SPME fiber
  • Compatible with all PAL3 models and existing SPME tools
  • Colour coded to indicate the fiber coating and film thickness
  • Preinstalled with holder for easy maintenance
  • Smart SPME Fiber kits available for method development
Agilent Smart SPME Fibers User Guide (563.46 kB)
General information on using Agilent Smart SPME Fibers
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