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Waste Cans from Agilent

Solvent waste containers safely capture hazardous chemicals. InfinityLab solvent waste containers provide a convenient way for your LC solvent waste to be contained.  Waste canisters are available in 5, 6, and 10 L sizes and are recommend for use with InfinityLab Stay Safe caps.

Part Number Short Description Type Volume Pack Size Price Qty
5043-1337 10L Waste Can with S60 Thread Waste Can 10 L 1
5043-1986 5L HDPE Waste Can with GL38 Thread Waste Can 5 L 1
5043-1221 6L Waste Can with GL45 4 Port Cap Waste Can 6 L 1
5043-1196 6L Waste Can with GL45 Thread Waste Can 6 L 1
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