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Avantor® ACE® Glycan Columns

Avantor® ACE® Glycan columns have a high performance stationary phase designed for the analysis of 2-aminobenzamide labelled glycans by hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC). These ultra-inert, high efficiency stainless steel columns provide excellent column lifetime and reproducibility with buffers and mobile phases typically utilised for glycan analysis. Two particle sizes - 1.7 and 3 µm - are available to enable both high resolution and rapid separations on HPLC and UHPLC instrumentation. These columns utilise base deactivated silica for exceptional reproducibility and peak shape.





Part Number Short Description Phase Type Phase Particle Size ID Length Pore Size Type Price Qty
EXL-1116-1546 ACE Excel 3 Glycan 150 x 4.6mm Application Specific ACE Excel Glycan 3 um 4.6 mm 150 mm 100 A Column
  • Proprietary stationary phase designed for HILIC analysis of cleaved glycans
  • Ultra-inert silica and high efficiency 1.7 and 3 µm particle sizes for optimum peak shape
  • Base deactivated ultra-inert silica for exceptional reproducibility
  • Excellent column lifetime under glycan testing conditions
  • Batch tested with glycan ladder standard and suitable for separations of neutral and charged glycans
  • U/HPLC hardware format with 1000 bar / 15,000 psi pressure limit
  • ACE UHPLC guard cartridges require holder H0011
  Avantor® ACE® Glycan
Application Glycans
Endcapped No
Particle Size 1.7, 3 µm
Pore Size 100 Å
Surface Area 300 m2/g
Carbon Load 7%
pH Range 2 - 7
Maximum Pressure 1,000 bar
Avantor ACE Excel Glycan Brochure (473.42 kB)
UHPLC/HPLC columns for reproducible glycan analysis
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