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Axial One Piece Torches

Axial One Piece Torches from Agilent

Agilent's ICP-OES series are compatible with a range of accessories and supplies designed to extend the capabilities of the instruments. Agilent's torches light easily and stay lit, reducing downtime.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
2010094800 Torch Hi-solids axial 2.4mm id injector
2010104600 Torch Hi-solids Extended length axial 2.4mm id injector
2010104700 Torch one piece axial 0.8mm id injector
2010104800 Torch one piece axial 1.4mm id injector
2010090400 Torch one piece axial 2.4mm id injector
7910050700 Torch one piece ball joint axial 2.3mm injector
2010122400 Torch sheath gas hi-TDS axial 2.4mm injector
  • Light easily and stay lit, reducing downtime
  • Even and stable plasma delivers reproducible results
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