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Capillary Flow Technology Supplies

Capillary Flow Technology Supplies from Agilent

Agilent offers a family of GC accessories based on our proprietary Capillary Flow Technology. These accessories increase system productivity and performance.

For leak-free, low dead volume and inert column connections with capillary flow accessories, such as the Deans Switch or QuickSwap MS Interface, use only Siltite ferrules and specified nuts. For Capillary Flow devices, use deactivated fused silica tubing. Do not use tubing that has been coated with stationary phase.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
G2855-20590 Column Storage Fitting 1
G2855-60200 Ferrule Pre-Swage Tool Capillary Flow 1
G2855-20532 Internal Nut CFT 1/16in SS Fitting 1
G2855-20530 Internal Nut CFT Capillary Fitting 1
G2855-60570 Plug for Microfluidic Manifold or Unions 1
G2855-20555 Swaging Nut, Ultimate Union and QuickSwap 1
G3184-60065 Tee, Inert for Capillary Flow Technology 1
  • Deans Switch device supplies the analysis of complex samples
  • Purged Effluent Splitter for inert, leak-free column effluent splitting
Agilent GC Columns & Supplies Brochure (55.19 MB)

Consumable items for GC from Agilent

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