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Cary Cell Holders and Bases

Cary Cell Holders and Bases from Agilent

We have a wide variety of rectangular and cylindrical high quality quartz and glass cuvettes and flow cells for the Cary UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometers. We offer standard cells, semi-micro cells (holding about 40% of the volume of a standard cell of the same path length), microcells (20% of the volume), submicro and ultra-micro cells with microliter volumes and useable with all Cary multicell holders. You can also buy economical disposable polystyrene cells (useable from 340 to 800 nm), typically sold as matched pairs.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
110648190 Cell base for Cary 50/60 1pk
110645090 Cell Holder for Cary 50/60 1pk
110059900 Long pathlength rect cell Holder 1pk
110260190 Rectangular cell Holder Cary UV 1pk
G6876-60003 Sample Holder 1in round Cary7000 umS/umA
G6876-60002 Sample Holder 8in round Cary7000 umS/umA
7910033500 Test Tube Holder Cary 50/60 1pk
6610014000 Variable pathlength cell Holder 1pk
210125300 Variable pathlength rectangular cell Holder
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