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Cary Series FTIR Instrument Supplies and Sources

Cary Series FTIR Instrument Supplies and Sources from Agilent

Our range of consumables for the Agilent Cary Series FTIR instruments includes desiccant cartridges, replacement windows and assemblies, filters, and sources

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
110835000 Assembly KRS5 window for 640 FT-IR
110805990 Assembly MID-IR Source Element Spare
013-3243 Assembly Source element NIR FTS7000
013-3300 FTS-4060 FTIR Source Element
210228390 KBr Window Assembly Pair - spare only
110834990 KBr Window Assembly Single
210228490 KRS5 Window Assembly Pair for 640 FT-IR
5610136500 Lamp miniquartz halogen 325/335 1pk
899-1794 Spare desiccant Cartridge for FTIR 1pk
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