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Cary Source Lamps

Cary Source Lamps from Agilent

We offers high quality source lamps that produce top level performance for your Cary spectrophotometer. The UV, xenon and visible lamps are fully modular, allowing you to select and change between light sources according to your experimental requirements.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
110713990 Deuterium UV lamp Cary 4/5/6000i 1pk
G9820-80000 Deuterium UV lampCary 100/300 UV 1pk
G9820-60000 Loom - Cary 1/3 D2 lamp extension
5610021700 Visible source lamp Cary 100/300 1pk
5610013900 Visible source lamp Cary 4/5/6000i 1pk suits Cary 4000/5000/6000i
  • Fully modular and compatible with Cary spectrophotometers.
  • Xenon, UV and visible lamp sources available.
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