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Coded Multi-element Lamps

Coded Multi-Element Lamps from Agilent

  • Unique combinations of compatible elements extend the versatility and performance of any AA spectrometer
  • Primary lines checked to avoid and minimize spectral interferences
  • High performance – manufactured from the purest cathode materials
  • Save time by avoiding the need to warm up a new lamp
  • Same excellent performance as provided by Agilent single element lamps
  • Easier to use– element coded for automatic lamp recognition, preventing errors
  • Stable operation – extended processing ensures minimal warm-up and good lamp stability
Part Number Short Description Price Qty
5610108700 Ag-Cd-Pb-Zn Coded HC Lamp 1pk
5610109500 Ag-Cr-Cu-Fe-Ni Coded HC Lamp 1pk
5610108800 Al-Ca-Mg Coded HC Lamp 1pk
5610107100 Ca-Mg Coded HC Lamp 1pk
5610107600 Co-Cr-Cu-Fe-Mn-Ni Coded HC Lamp 1pk
5610109600 Cu-Fe-Mn-Zn Coded HC Lamp 1pk
5610109700 Cu-Fe-Si-Zn Coded HC Lamp 1pk
5610119200 Cu-Zn Coded HC Lamp 1pk
5610107000 Na-K Coded HC Lamp 1pk
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