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Column Installation Pre-Swagging tools

Column Installation Pre-Swaging Tools from Agilent

Optimize GC performance and reproducibility by ensuring a proper length of column into the inlet, time after time. For accurate results, the proper length of column must be inserted into the inlet for optimal sample transfer from the inlet to the column. For consistent results, this process must be done the same every time. Deviating from that length alters results.

These handy stainless steel tools have Agilent approved fittings specific for each ferrule type, plus a scale with markings for proper column installation lengths into the most popular GC inlets. Analysts can conveniently - outside of the oven - measure and pre-swage the ferrules onto the column tubing with one wrench, and improve confidence in their results.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
G3440-80217 Column installation pre-swaging tool for graphite ferrules 1
G3440-80218 Column installation pre-swaging tool for metal ferrules 1
G3440-80227 Column installation pre-swaging tool for UltiMetal ferrules into capillary flow devices 1
  • Available for Agilent 7890/6890 model Split/Splitless, MultiMode and Purged Packed inlets
  • Each tool has a fitting specific for its ferrules type to provide optimal sealing; one for graphite ferrules, one for metal ferrules
  • Easy to read markings for Split/Splitless, MultiMode and Purged Packed inlet lengths
  • A ferrule release hole on the Pre-swaging tool for Metal ferrules (G3440-80218) is insurance against over tightening resulting in a stuck ferrule
Agilent GC Columns & Supplies Brochure (55.19 MB)

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