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Consumables Kits for ICP-MS

Consumables Kits for ICP-MS from Agilent

Agilent manufactures a range of high quality ICP-MS replacements, accessories and consumables including consumables kits for 7700/7900 and 8800 ICP-MS systems. The basic consumables kit consists of a range of peristaltic pump (for sample, drain and internal standard) and sample tubing, a quartz torch, a graphite gasket for the sampling cone and vacuum pump oil.

Agilent ICP-MS consumables kits are designed to Agilent’s demanding specifications and can help to achieve the market-leading ICP-MS performance that our valued clients have come to expect. To maintain system performance, ensure that consumables are periodically replaced in accordance with recommended maintenance schedules.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
G3280-67221 Basic spares kit plus Anderol oil 77/79/8800
G3280-67007 Comprehensive spare and Inland 45 oil 77/8800 with s-lens
G3280-67004 Comprehensive spare kit and Inland 45 oil 7700x/e+8800
M5141A Comprehensive spares kit 7800 ICP-MS excludes cones
G1131A Comprehensive spares kit 7900 ICP-MS excludes cones
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