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Cylindrical Cells

Cylindrical Cells from Agilent

Agilent's high quality cylindrical cells for UV-Visible spectrophotometers enhance performance and provide added flexibility for a range of applications. Cylindrical cells are available in a variety of pathlength options depending upon the application and system setup. For low concentration samples, the 2-port, long pathlength cylindrical cells offer extra sensitivity when required for clearer spectrophotometric results every time. When a shorter pathlength is needed, the short pathlength and 15-mm aperture of the micro-cylindrical cells compensate for concentrated samples and overcome high solvent absorbance. All cyclindrical cells are available with a variety of cell holder and thermostatting options for flexible and accurate performance.

Part Number Short Description Path Length Material Volume Price Qty
6618000600 Cylindrical cell UV 10 mm 2.8mL 1 port 10 mm Far UV Quartz 2.8 mL
6610002300 Cylindrical cell UV 100 mm 28.2mL 2 port 100 mm Far UV Quartz 28.2 mL
5061-3392 Cylindrical cell UV 100 mm 28mL 2 port 100 mm 28 mL
6610002200 Cylindrical cell UV 50 mm 14.1mL 2 port 50 mm Far UV Quartz 14.1 mL
  • Long pathlength, 2-port cylindrical cells provide extra sensitivity for low concentrations samples in UV-Vis applications.
  • Single-port standard cells require the cylindrical cell holder and can be thermostatted for added calibration.
  • Micro cylindrical cells are for use with concentrated samples and to overcome high solvent absorbance (i.e. water in the NIR) by using short pathlengths.
  • Cells are available with a variety of cell holder and thermostatting options enabling flexible and accurate performance.
  • All cyclindrical cells are optimised for effective combination with Agilent's market-leading portfolio of UV-Vis Spectrophotometers.
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