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Daicel Chiral Ligand Exchange Columns

Daicel chiral ligand exchange columns CHIRALPAK WH and CHIRALPAK MA(+) are designed for separation of alpha amino acids and other acidic chiral molecules. They are compatible with reversed phase HPLC and can be used with aqueous solutions of copper sulfate.

CHIRALPAK WH – proline chiral selector
CHIRALPAK MA(+) - N,N-dioctyl-L-alanine chiral selector


Part Number Short Description Phase Particle Size ID Length Type Price Qty
21822 CHIRALPAK MA(+) 50 x 4.6mm 3um Analytical Column CHIRALPAK MA(+) 3 um 4.6 mm 50 mm Analytical Column
25625 CHIRALPAK WH 250 x 4.6mm 10um Analytical Column CHIRALPAK WH 10 um 4.6 mm 250 mm Analytical Column
25622 CHIRALPAK WH 50 x 4.6mm 10um Guard Column CHIRALPAK WH 10 um 4.6 mm 50 mm Guard
  • Ligand exchange type columns
  • Suitable for free amino acid, amino acid derivatives, and carboxylic acids
  • CHIRALPAK WH is designated USP L32
  • Use with aqueous copper sulfate mobile phase
  • Strongly basic solvent modifiers or sample solutions must be avoided as they are likely to damage the silica used in the column


Chiral selector Proline N,N-dioctyl-L-alanine
USP L32 -
Particle size 10 µm 3 µm
Type Ligand exchange Ligand exchange
Separation mode Reversed phase Reversed phase
Shipping solvent CuSO4 aqueous solution CuSO4 aqueous solution
Temperature range 0 – 50°C 0 – 40°C
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