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Disposable Cells

Disposable Cells from Agilent

Disposable polystyrene cells are useable from 340 to 800 nm, are economical, can be used with magnetic stirrers, but cannot be used at elevated temperatures.

Part Number Short Description Path Length Material Volume Price Qty
6610018700 Micro cell disposable 10mm 1.5mL 500pk 10 mm Polystyrene 1.5 mL
6610018800 Rectangular cell disposable 10mm 3.5mL 500pk 10 mm Polystyrene 3.5 mL
  • Useable from 340 to 800 nm
  • Every Agilent cell comes with a test certificate
  • The following areas have been tested and are within specifications:
  • Homogeneity of the raw material
  • Dimensional and angle tolerances of the component parts
  • Flatness of the optical surfaces
  • Transmission of the cells
Agilent Spectroscopy Supplies Catalogue 2023 (6.81 MB)
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