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Gas Line Connectors for 7500

Gas Line Connectors for 7500 from Agilent

Agilent’s ICP-MS Systems routinely achieve parts per trillion (ppt) level sensitivity and we have a range of robust consumables and supplies, such as our precision gas line connectors for 7500 ICP-MS Systems, to enhance and maintain this performance.

A range of connectors are available for various Nebulizers that are manufactured and tested to Agilent’s demanding specifications. Polypropylene blend gas and carrier gas line connectors are available along with associated accessories and fittings. We also provide PTFE connectors (both standard and T-shaped). Babington, CrossFlow and concentric nebulizers are covered by our high quality gas connectors.

To maintain sensitivity, be sure to periodically replace consumables according to recommended maintenance schedules.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
5064-8078 Carrier gas line connector 4mm diameter Tube
G1820-65052 Carrier gas line connector for concentric nebulizer
G1820-65027 Connectors for Plasma + Auxilliary gas 1pk
  • Connectors, PTFE (2/pk) - 6 mm and 4 mm - For plamsa and auxiliary gases
  • Carrier gas and connector for Babington nebulizer for connection with 4 mm diameter tubing. L-shaped PTFE connector containing a ferrule and O-ring
  • Polypropylene blend gas line connector to connect 4 mm tubing with Babington and CrossFlow nebulizers
  • We also offer a polypropylene carrier gas line connector, including ferrules and Viton O-ring. This connector is used to connect 4 mm carrier gas tubing to the concentric nebulizer
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