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Gas Line Supplies

Gas Line Supplies from Agilent

Agilent provide a range of gas line supplies to enable the effective provision of a consistent and stable gas supply to ICP-MS systems. Ensuring stability during basic operation is vitally important for calibrating ICP-MS devices for required levels of sensitivity, a stable gas line helps achieve this.

Agilent provide high quality gas line supplies including tubing for a range of lines, inner sleeves and various high quality fittings. To ensure your system's accuracy and longevity replace gas line components in accordance with recommended maintenance schedules.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
5064-8092 Ar gas Clean Filter Semicon App 1pk
G1820-80341 Ar Gas Filter
G3280-60163 Ar gas Tubing kit 7700s 8800+7900 semi-conductor
G3280-60160 Ar gas Tubing kit7700x/e + 7900 ICP-MS
G3280-67022 Carrier/Make-up/Dilution gas Tubing
0100-2703 Gas connector dilution gas port 7900
0100-2583 Gas connector for Dilution gas port 1pk
G3666-67026 Gas Tubing set for Argon gas purifier
5042-0922 Inner sleeve for Carrier/Aux/Blend gas
5042-0923 Inner sleeve for Plasma gas line 5pk
G3280-67023 Plasma/Aux gas tubing with inner sleeve for ICP-MS       
G3270-65035 Stainless steel Tubing 1/8in od 6m
  • Inner sleeves for carrier, auxiliary and blend gas as well as plasma gas line
  • Argon tubing assembly consisting of 5 m PTFE tubing with one in-line filter and connector set
  • Plasma and auxiliary gas line tubing, Tygon - 3.17 mm id/6.35 mm od/35 cm (for plasma gas line), 2.38 mm id/3.96 mm od/35 cm (for auxiliary gas line)
  • We provide connection for plasma and auxiliary gas lines to the torch as well as a connector for end cap and gas line
  • Tubing for carrier/makeup gas line, PTFE is provided with 3 mm id, 4 mm od, 350 mm (2/pk)
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