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GC Interface Supplies for 7700

GC Interface Supplies for 7700 from Agilent

Agilent manufactures a range of high quality ICP-MS replacements, accessories and consumables including GC Interface Supplies for 7700 ICP-MS Systems. In order to effectively facilitate the GC interface function, Agilent can provide PFA tubes, transfer lines and torches for the specific 7700 type interface along with stainless pipe (Sulfinert) and clamp plates (PEEK) for straightforward installation and maintenance.

All GC Interface Supplies are designed to Agilent’s demanding specifications and can help to achieve the market-leading ICP-MS performance that our valued clients have come to expect. To maintain system performance, ensure that consumables are periodically replaced in accordance with recommended maintenance schedules

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
5062-3506 Ferrule 0.5mm VG cond 0.32 column lng 10pk
0100-1331 Ferrule 1/4in VG-1 15pct G 10pk
G3158-80150 Injector assembly GC-ICP-MS interface
G3158-60010 PFA tube 1/8in 2m for 7700 GC-ICP-MS
G3158-80080 Pre-heating pipe SS 1/16in with connector GC-ICP-MS
G3158-80081 Stainless steel pipe (Sulfinert) 1/16in 1.05m GC-ICP-MS
0100-0542 Tee 1/8in SS
G3158-80074 Torch for GC-ICP-MS Interface
G3158-80060 Transfer line for GC-ICP-MS Interface
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