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GERSTEL Headspace Crimp Vials & Caps

GERSTEL headspace crimp vials and caps are suitable for use with the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) platforms.

GERSTEL headspace crimp vials are available in clear glass with 10 mL or 20 mL volumes for standard headspace applications. A 20 mL vial with a thicker neck is available for SPME applications. Twister headspace vials are available for use in Headspace Sorptive Extraction (HSSE).

GERSTEL headspace crimp caps are 20 mm and made from either aluminium, bimetal, or steel with PTFE/silicone or PTFE/butyl septa. Magnetic caps enable transport and automation. For SPME applications crimp caps made of steel with thinner 1.5 mm septa are recommended. Crimp caps are sealed using either manual or electronic crimpers.

Part Number Short Description Vial Bottom Vial Glass Type Vial Septa Material Volume Pack Size Price Qty
093640-005-00 10mL Clear Vials, 100/pk Round Clear without Patch Glass 10 mL 100
093640-035-00 20mL Clear Vial with thickened crimp neck for SPME, 100/pk Round Clear without Patch Glass 20 mL 100
093640-006-00 20mL Clear Vials, 100/pk Round Clear without Patch Glass 20 mL 100
093640-067-00 Aluminum crimp cap, 20mm, Silicone blue/PTFE white, 45° Shore A, 3mm, 100/pk PTFE/Silicone 100
093640-031-00 Crimp cap, for SPME Vial 093640-035-00, Silicone creme/PTFE red, 100/pk PTFE/Silicone 100
011912-002-00 Crimp cap, Silicone/PTFE, for 10mL vial, 011912-000-00 PTFE/Silicone
093640-015-00 Crimp caps, magnetic, for 10/20mL vials, 1000/pk PTFE/Silicone 1000
093640-050-00 Magnetic crimp cap, 20mm, Butyl red/PTFE gray, 55° Shore A, 1.3mm, 100/pk PTFE/Butyl 100
093640-070-00 Magnetic crimp cap, 20mm, headspace, Pharma Fix Septa- Butyl/PTFE, 100/pk PTFE/Butyl 100
093640-034-00 Magnetic crimp cap, 20mm, Natural rubber red/PTFE, 60° Shore A, 1.3mm -100/pk PTFE/Rubber 100
093640-030-00 Magnetic crimp cap, 20mm, Silicone white/PTFE blue, 60° Shore A, 1.5mm, 100/pk PTFE/Silicone 100
093640-063-00 Magnetic, Bi-Metal crimp cap, 20mm, with septum, 100/pk PTFE/Silicone 100
093640-097-00 PE caps, transparent, 6mm hole, Silicone blue transparent/PTFE white, 10/pk PTFE/Silicone 10
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