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Graphite Tubes and Platforms

Graphite Tubes and Platforms from Agilent

Graphite tubes are quality tested to ensure each batch passes our demanding performance specifications for contamination, sensitivity, precision, electrical resistance and lifetime.

Use partitioned tubes for general purpose work and when you need the best detection limits with samples that have low background. These are also ideal when measuring organic solutions, or samples with low viscosity that may spread throughout the tube, potentially degrading precision.

Omega platform tubes combine ease-of-use with perfect atomization: the integrated platform ensures the perfect thermal profile to produce dense atom clouds for good signal-to-noise ratios and the best detection limits.

The combination of the solid pyrolytic platforms and plateau tubes provide continuity with older methods, and gives the best platform effect. This ensures best performance with samples that have high background or interferences. More operator skill is required for best results.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
6310001300 Graphite pyrolytic platforms 10pk
6310003700 Graphite Tubes Omega platforms 10pk
6310001200 Graphite Tubes partitioned 10pk
6310001100 Graphite Tubes Plateau coated 10pk
  • High purity graphite reduces spurious absorption from trace contaminants and improves signal-to-noise
  • Every tube is hand-checked for reproducible and reliable results
  • Perform fewer repeats and increase productivity
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