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Hydrocarbon Traps

Hydrocarbon Traps from Agilent

The purpose of hydrocarbon traps is to remove detrimental impurities from carrier and detector gasses.

Capillary Grade Hydrocarbon Traps (HT3) feature extremely high surface area, are coconut shell-based, and are purged with ultra-high purity helium.

Part Number Short Description Material Pack Size Price Qty
MC-1 Clip, Trap Mounting 120-200cc Mounting Clip 1
ACR Refill Hydrocarbon Trap 1pt Hydrocarbon 1
HT200-4 Trap Hydrocarbon 1/4in 200cc Hydrocarbon 1
HT200-2 Trap Hydrocarbon 1/8in 200cc Hydrocarbon 1
HT3-4 Trap Hydrocarbon CapGr 1/4in 100cc Hydrocarbon 1
HT3-2 Trap Hydrocarbon CapGr 1/8in 100cc Hydrocarbon 1
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