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I-AS Series Autosampler Supplies

I-AS Series Autosampler Supplies from Agilent

Agilent Technologies offers the fast, flexible, and high-precision integrated autosampler (I-AS) specifically for ultratrace analysis on Agilent ICP-MS systems. The I-AS is ideal for semiconductor applications and any application involving ultratrace analysis of commonly occurring elements, such as clinical applications and the measurement of seawater at ambient levels. In addition, a range of QA/QC control procedures, such as the EPA protocol, can be automated using the optional Intelligent Sequencing Software

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
G3160-65317 1.5mL PFA vials for I-AS Tray D 10pk
G3160-65304 18mL PP vial for I-AS Trays B, D and E 55pk
G3160-65315 2mL PE vials for I-AS Tray D 200pk
G3160-65305 50mL PP vials for I-AS Tray C 20pk
G3160-65303 6mL PP vial for I-AS Trays A + E 200pk
G3160-65328 Drain Tube to rinse and drain bottles I-AS
G3160-65307 External rinse bottle 100mL with caps, 6pk, for Integrated autosampler
G3160-60015 Holder for carry tray cover I-AS
G3160-80060 I-AS tray A 89 positions for 6 mL vials
G3160-80061 I-AS Tray B 53 positions for 18mL vials
G3160-80062 I-AS Tray C 18 positions for 50mL vials
G3160-80063 I-AS tray D 79x2mL + 10 x 18mL positions
G3160-80064 I-AS tray E 79x6mL + 10 x 18mL positions
G3160-80065 I-AS Tray F 15 places for 48mm od vials
G3160-80066 I-AS Tray G 28 positions for 20mL vials
G3160-80041 Needle Holder for I-AS
G3160-65326 Peristaltic Pump Tubing set for I-AS Tygon 1pk
G3160-65327 Peristaltic Pump Tubing set for I-AS Tygon 5pk
G3160-65306 PFA Needle 0.3mm id standard probe for I-AS
G3160-65320 Rinse Solution Inlet/Outlet Tubing I-AS
G3160-80200 Serial-USB Converter cable for I-AS
G3160-65321 Tray Cover I-AS
G3160-65325 Tubing Holder PEEK micro flow nebulizer
  • Covered autosampler for use with the Agilent 7700 Series and 8800 Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS
  • No metal or drive mechanism moves over sample vials
  • Continuous flowing rinse port for probe wash
  • Choice of sample tray arrangements; small and large sample volumes accommodated
  • 3 x 100 mL standard or wash bottles
  • Urgent samples can be added
  • Easy sequence set up via graphical interface
  • Fully automated QA/QC control procedures available using the optional Intelligent Sequencing Software
  • Designed for all semiconductor applications and any ultratrace analysis of commonly occurring elements
  • Auto dilution and discrete sampling are available using Integrated Sample Introduction System (ISIS)
  • Reset/stop switch
  • Designed using anti-corrosion and HF resistant materials
  • Customer installable
  • Tray sizes: 89 x 6 mL vials (Type A); 53 x 18 mL vials (Type B); 18 x 50 mL vials (Type C); 79 x 1.5 mL (or 2 mL) vials + 10 x 18 mL vials (Type D); 79 x 6 mL vials + 10 x 18 mL vials (Type E)
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