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ICP-OES Nebulizers and Accessories

ICP-OES Nebulizers & Accessories from Agilent

Agilent's ICP-OES series are compatible with a range of accessories and supplies designed to extend the capabilities of the instruments. Agilent's nebulizers and accessories have tight specifications for delivering fine droplets for the best signal intensity and optimum signal to noise.

The OneNeb Series 2 nebulizer is a universal, high-efficiency nebulizer that offers superior performance with ICP-OES instruments. Based on flow blurring nebulization technology, the OneNeb series 2 nebulizer provides improved sensitivity and precision as well as greater tolerance to dissolved solids. What’s more the inert construction makes the OneNeb a universal design that can handle most ICP-OES sample matrices including strong acids such as HF and common organic acids.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
2010081600 Concentric Glass nebulizer (K-style) 1pk
2010106800 Concentric Glass nebulizer Conikal 1pk
2010096400 Concentric Glass nebulizer SeaSpray 1pk
5043-0502 Conical adapter 1/16in od Sample line
G8010-60270 Conikal Nebulizer (Glass) U-Series 1pk
1610085300 Connector ICP-OES nebulizer gas flow 1/8in
G8010-60345 Detachable Sample line 1/16in od OneNeb2
1610132400 Fitting y barb 1/16in 1pk
9910057400 Inert V-groove nebulizer for inert SM spray chamber
2010126000 MicroMist low flow concentric neb. For small sample volumes. 0.4 mL/min uptake. Includes UniFit sample connector (0.5 mm id x 700 mm long) and Ezylok gas inlet fittings  
6910008200 Nebulizer bung O-Ring 7/32in id x 11/32in od
9910107700 Nebulizer EzyFit Sample Inlet 1.3mm od 10pk
1610136400 Nebulizer EzyFit Sample Inlet 1.6mm od 10pk
9910127800 Nebulizer EzyLok gas connector ICP-OES
G8010-60293 OneNeb Series 2 inert ICP nebulizer 1pk
0890-2603 PFA nebulizer gas supply Tubing 3mm id per metre
3710033700 PVC joining Tube 0.030in id
G8010-60255 SeaSpray nebulizer, (Glass) U-series 1pk
G8010-60347 Slurry Nebulizer, U-Series 4mL/min 1pk
G8010-80035 UniFit Sample connector 0.75mm id 10pk
G8494-60007 Uptake tube, reagent, 1.6mm od, 1.0mm id, 1400mm long, with sinker
  • Manufactured to fine tolerances for reproducible and stable sample uptake
  • Tight specifications deliver fine droplets for best signal intensity and optimum signal to noise
  • Fewer repeats means less downtime and improved productivity

ICP-OES OneNeb Series 2 Nebulizer

  • Direct replacement for standard glass concentric nebulizers and other inert nebulizers - that have a 6 mm od tip
  • Suitable for use with Agilent ICP-OES and MP-AES systems, and PerkinElmer Optima ICP-OES systems
  • Suitable for conventional glass cyclonic and inert spray chambers - that are compatible with nebulizers with a 6 mm od tip
  • Improved sensitivity and precision - due to the fine aerosol generated by flow blurring nebulization
  • High efficiency - at both normal and micro sample uptake rates
  • Greater tolerance to samples with high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) content
  • Inert construction - ensures the OneNeb that can handle most ICP-OES sample matrices
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