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Agilent GC-MS Instrument Supplies

Your mass spectrometer is a sensitive, specialized device that delivers a higher level of functionality than other GC detectors. To continue to achieve optimal results, it is critical to maintain your system. Agilent’s range of GC/MS instrument supplies include: MS filaments, electron multiplier, and MS ion source supplies.

Like the filament in an incandescent light bulb, the ion source filaments will eventually burn out and require replacement. The lifetime of an electron multiplier is directly related to the current that flows through it and the extent of contamination or condensation that it experiences. The electron multiplier or replacement horn should be replaced when the voltage is over 2500 V. The MS ion source operates by electron ionization (EI) or chemical ionization (CI). It is good practice to replace scratched lenses and other ion source parts regularly, as scratched source parts lead to poor performance.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
G1999-20021 5973 Gold Fil Screw (M2 x 0.4 10mm-LG) 1
G2589-20043 5973 Inert/Ultra Ion Source Body
G3170-60171 5975C Inert EI 350 Repeller Assembly
G3170-60172 5975C SS EI 350 Repeller Assembly
G3170-60416 5977 CI 350 Repeller Heater assembly
G3870-67173 5977 EI Inert 350 Repeller Assembly
G3870-67171 5977 Extraction EI 350 Repeller Assembly
G3870-67172 5977 SS EI 350 Repeller Assembly
G1999-20446 73CI Drawout Plate
G1999-60412 73CI Interface Tipseal 1
G1999-20443 73CI ION Focus Lens 1
G1999-20432 73CI Repeller 1
G7005-80000 Alloy CI Filament
G7005-60072 CI Filament 2pk 2
G3170-20540 CI Lens Insulator 1
G3170-20430 CI Source Body - Chamfer 1
G1072-20008 Cylinder draw out
G2589-20100 Drawout Plate 3mm for inert source
G2589-20045 Drawout Plate 6mm inert 5975/5973
G7002-80103 Electron Multiplier 1
G2571-80103 Electron multiplier horn High gain 1
05971-80103 Electron multiplier Replacement horn 1
G3170-20126 Entrance Lens Assembly (HM)
G7250-20075 Entrance Lens for 7010 1
G3870-20444 Extraction Lens 3mm
G3870-20448 Extraction Lens 6mm
G3870-20449 Extraction Lens 9mm
G3870-20530 Extraction Lens Insulator
G3870-20440 Extraction Source Body
G7004-20061 Extractor Lens, 3mm 1
G7004-20105 Extractor Lens, 4mm 1
G7002-20019 Filament Block
G7005-60061 Filament High Temperature EI Ion Source for GC-MS 1
G1099-80001 High energy dynode 5973 series 1
G3440-20022 Inert Draw Out 9.0mm Inconel
G3870-20445 Insulator Extraction Lens Ring
G7004-20068 Ion Focus lens, 7010 1
G1099-20130 Ion Source Chamber
G3850-60021 LE-EI Filament
G3170-20530 Lens insulator 597X MSD
G7002-20126 Lock Ring Lens Insulator
G7002-20083 M2-0.4 x 12 Lg. Crest-Cup Gold Plated
G7004-20004 Post Extractor Lens 1 1
G7004-20090 Post Extractor Lens 2 1
G7002-67057 Repeller Assembly Service
G1099-20133 Repeller insulator for Ion Source for 5975/5973 
G1099-20132 Repeller Ultra-Clean 5973
G7005-60170 RIS Probe Maintenance Kit
G7002-20109 Screw M2X6 Pan Head Torx Gold-Plated 6
G7002-60053 Source Mount Assembly
G1099-20136 Transfer line socket
G3170-80105 Triple Axis Detector Assembly 5975 Ceramic
G3170-80103 Triple Axis electron multiplier 5975 1
Agilent GC Columns & Supplies Brochure (55.19 MB)

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