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Interface Cones for 7500

Interface Cones for 7500 ICP-MS from Agilent

A high quality plasma/vacuum interface design has a large effect on the overall performance and sensitivity of an ICP-MS system. Interface cones are key elements of this and Agilent's range of sampling and skimmer cones ensures that positive ions produced in the plasma are extracted into the vacuum system effectively every time. Agilent's platinum and nickel interface cones provide the level of performance that the 7500 ICP-MS range demands.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
G1820-65238 Ni sampling cone for 7500 a/i/c/ce/cx
G1820-65050 Ni skimmer cone for 7500 a/i/s, 1/pk
G1833-65497 Ni skimmer cone for 7500c, 1/pk
G1820-65239 Pt sampling cone 10mm insert, 7500 s/cs
G1820-65360 Pt sampling cone 18mm insert, for 7500
G1820-65237 Pt skimmer cone for 7500s, 1/pk
G1833-65590 Skimmer base, brass, for 7500 cs/ce/cx
G1833-65591 Skimmer base, stainless steel, for 7500ce/cx/cs
G3270-60643 Skimmer cone, copper, for 7500cs
G3270-65024 Skimmer cone, nickel, for 7500ce/cx
G1833-65132 Skimmer cone, Pt tip, Cu base for 7500cs
G3270-60106 Skimmer cone, Pt tip, Ni base for 7500cs
  • Nickel sampling cones with a copper base are available as well as sampling and skimmer cones for T-mode
  • Nickel skimmer cones for the ICP-MS 7500 a/i/s systems are available. Note that the point of the skimmer cone is easily deformed and a deformed cone will greatly affect performance. In addition, if the O-ring becomes stuck, wipe it gently with methanol.
  • Platinum sampling cone with a copper base (in both standard and 18 mm models) can be provided
  • Platinum skimmer cones, with a copper base, for the ICP-MS 7500 a/i/s systems are also available. These cones must be mounted on a brass skimmer base.
  • Skimmer and sampling cones with both platinum and nickel bases are available that are unique to the ICP-MS 7500c system
Interface Cone Guide for Agilent 7500 Series
Description Part Number 7500a 7500i 7500s 7500c 7500ce/cx 7500cs T-mode
Sampling cone                
Nickel sampling cone G1820-65238 Std Std Std Std  
Platinum sampling cone, 10 mm insert G1820-65239 Std Std  
Platinum sampling cone, 18 mm insert G1820-65360  
Nickel sampling cone for T-mode G1820-65480 T-mode T-mode T-mode      
Skimmer cone                
Nickel skimmer cone G1820-65050 Std Std        
Nickel skimmer cone G3270-65024         Std    
Nickel skimmer cone G1833-65497       Std      
Platinum skimmer cone G1820-65237 Std        
Platinum skimmer cone G1833-65092            
Platinum skimmer cone G1833-65132            Std  
Platinum skimmer cone (Ni base) G3270-60106          
Copper skimmer cone G3270-60643            
Nickel skimmer cone for T-mode G1820-65481  T-mode  T-mode  T-mode      
Skimmer base                
Stainless steel base for nickel skimmer G1833-65407  Std  Std      
Stainless steel base for nickel skimmer G1833-65591          Std  
Stainless steel base for nickel skimmer G1833-65498        Std      
Brass base for platinum skimmer G1833-65408  Std        
Brass base for platinum skimmer G1833-65505            
Brass base for platinum skimmer G1833-65590            

✔: Compatible Part
Std: Fitted as standard when instrument shipped from factory

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