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Intuvo Tools

Intuvo Tools from Agilent

The Intuvo GC uses a unique torque driver to secure the flow chip and Guard Chip. The driver attaches to the door and is included with each instrument. Replacement and back-up tools can be ordered here.

In addition to the torque driver, other tools are available to help operate the Intuvo GC. Tweezers can be useful for removing and inserting gaskets. Wrenches are useful for tightening the inlet compression bolt onto the Guard Chip. These are also available as part of the Intuvo Install Kit, part number 19199U.

Product only compatible with Agilent Intuvo system

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
G4583-20005 Detector Tail Compression Bolt 1
5191-4204 G9223AA INT MMI Consumable Refill Kit
5191-4203 G9223AA INT SSL Consumable Refill Kit
G4581-20006 Guard Chip Compression Bolt 1
G4581-60260 Intuvo Compression Bolt 1
G4580-68300 Intuvo Exhaust Kit 1
G4586-20027 MMI Compression Bolt 1
G4582-20085 S/SL Compression Bolt 1
8710-2790 Screw-Driver-Torque Pre-Set Adjustable 1
G4581-20522 Torque Driver Extension 1
5190-9571 Torque Driver Kit, Intuvo 1
8710-2800 Wrench-Open End 1/4in 1
8710-2801 Wrench-Open End 5/16in 1
  • Intuvo Torque Driver: Ergonomic design provides exact torque for compression bolts
  • For use with the Agilent Intuvo 9000 System
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