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ISIS Hydride Generation Accessory

ISIS Hydride Generation Accessory from Agilent

Agilent manufactures a range of high quality ICP-MS replacements and consumables including ISIS Hydride Generation Accessories. The range of accessories include PFA, PTFE and pump tubes of various lengths, union and cross joints, a connector assembly with a range of connector options and a number of additional fixtures and fittings.

The ISIS Hydride Generation Accessory is designed to Agilent’s demanding specifications and can help to achieve the market-leading ICP-MS performance that our valued clients have come to expect. To maintain system performance, ensure that consumables are periodically replaced in accordance with recommended maintenance schedules.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
G3138-65128 Peristaltic Pump Tube Ismaprene 2-stop orange/purple
G3138-65141 Plug for Carrier Gas Connector 3pk ISIS 4mm od
G3138-65139 Reducing Union Connector 6mm x 3mm ISIS
G3138-65140 Reducing Union Connector 6mm x 4mm ISIS
G3138-65144 Reducing Union connector 8mm x 4mm ISIS
G3138-65138 Tubing for Gas Line PTFE ISIS 3mm id x 4mm od 5m
G3138-65143 Y connector for Pump Tubing ISIS 5pk
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