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ISIS Supplies for 7700

ISIS Supplies for 7700 from Agilent

Agilent's unique Integrated Sample Introduction System (ISIS) enhances the functionality and flexibility of the Agilent 7700 Series ICP-MS. Designed and manufactured by Agilent, ISIS features high precision peristaltic pumps and an optional switching valve to allow complete flexibility of configuration. The ISIS hardware is built into the 7700 chassis and close-coupled to increase productivity through high-speed sample uptake and rapid washout. To enhance the capabilities that the system offers and maintain performance even after heavy use, Agilent provides a range of replacement components and other supplies.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
G4911-67001 Comprehensive spares kit for ISIS-DS
G4911-01201 Joint Holder for nebulizer Pump ICP-MS
G4911-67000 Peristaltic Pump Tube Tygon 2-stop orange/blue 12pk
G4911-20021 Peristaltic Pump Tubes adapter (for 2.29mm id)
G4911-68201 Preconfigured kit ISIS Auto-dilution
G4911-68202 Preconfigured kit ISIS Discrete sampling
G3280-67062 T-Joint with Earth block for ICP-MS 1pk
G4911-60011 Tray for ISIS used with ICP-MS
  • Agilent provide Tygon peristaltic pump tubing with a 0.89 mm id (3 stops), a 0.25 mm id (2 or 3 stops) or a 1.02 mm id (2 stops)
  • ETFE sample tubing with a 0.8 mm id and 1.6 mm od is also available along with PTFE sample tubing with a 2 mm id and 3 mm od. Alternatively, PFA sample tubing with 0.3 mm id and 1.6 mm od can be provided
  • A variety of joints are available in tee, cross or union form
  • PTFE nuts and front and back ferrules for either 3 mm or 1.6 mm od can be provided
  • Spiral tubing, peristaltic pump tubing adapters and tubing clamps, in small or large models, may be purchased
  • Wrenches for valve maintenance and tags for tubing identification may also be provided
  • A range of standard accessory parts for high sample throughput, auto dilution or discrete sampling are provided
  • Joint holders for various pumps and sample line connectors (cross joint and earth block) are available
  • Rotor seals, nuts and ferrules for valves can be provided
  • Additional consumables may also be purchased such as mixers, sample loops, tubing adapters and plastic trays
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