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Mark VI Spray Chamber Supplies

Mark VI Spray Chamber Supplies from Agilent

The Mark VI spray chamber was used with older model instruments. It has many of the design features and benefits of the Mark 7 design. There are two versions - the standard version for normal aqueous samples and the universal version for use with organic samples.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
9910063600 Mixing paddles Mark VI s/chamber 5pk
6910020800 O-Ring fluor 11/16 id x13/16 od x1/16in
6910013300 O-Ring fluor 1-1/4id x 1-3/8od x 1/16in
6910013200 O-Ring fluor 1-1/8id x 1-1/4od x 1/16in
6910010400 O-ring nitrile 1-1/8id x 1-1/4od x 1/16in For nebulizer bung assembly on Mark VI spray chamber for AA
6910005200 O-ring Viton 1in id x 1-3/16in od x 3/32in For Mark IV and VI spray chamber 
9910026500 O-Ring/gasket kit Mark VI Spray chamber
9910045700 O-Rings for Mark VI Universal spray chamber 1pk
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