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Merlin Microseal

Merlin Microseal from Agilent

The Merlin Microseal is available in standard and high pressure kits. During normal use, when the autosampler syringe needle tip is wiped clean by the sample vial septum, no solvent comes in contact with the Microseal septum. Traces of solvent which might contact the septum evaporate rapidly. However, exposure to liquid ethers and similar oxygenated solvents causes deterioration.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
5182-3444 Merlin Microseal General Purpose (100 psi) Replacement MicroSeal 1
5182-3442 Merlin Microseal General Purpose (100 psi) Starter Kit
5181-8839 Merlin Microseal High Volume Kit
5181-8833 Merlin Microseal Kit, low pressure
5181-8816 Merlin Microseal Kit, Low Pressure (45 psi) for Agilent GCs, includes Nut and Microseal
5182-3445 Merlin MicroSeal Nut for High Pressure (100 psi) 1
5182-3446 Merlin Microseal Nut for use with SPME Arrows 1
5182-0853 Merlin MicroSeal PTFE Nut Liners 2pk 2
5181-8815 Merlin MicroSeal Replacement Microseal for Agilent GCs for Low Pressure (45 psi) 1
392609901 Merlin Microseal SPME Kit for Varian/Bruker 1079 GCs, 23 Gauge 1
392609902 Merlin Microseal SPME Replacement Microseal for Varian/Bruker 1079 GCs, 23 Gauge 1
5182-3447 Microseal for 1.1mm Arrow SPME Probes 1
5182-3448 Microseal for 1.5mm Arrow SPME Probes 1
  • Low bleed, longer life alternative to standard septa for split/splitless injection and SPME
  • Requires 23 gauge syringe needle
  • Has a lifetime of more than 2000 injections, depending on samples and operating conditions
  • Greatly reduced instrument downtime for septa changes and injection port liner changes due to septa particulates
  • Two distinct sealing mechanisms: double O-ring type seal around the syringe needle and spring assisted duckbill to seal the injection port
  • Temperature range 50-400 °C
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