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Molecular Sieve 13X and Indicating 4A Moisture Traps

Molecular Sieve 13X and Indicating 4Å Moisture Traps from Agilent

Agilent offers a strong line of glass indicating moisture traps for gas management, including the Molecular Sieve 13X and Indicating Molecular Sieve 4A.

Part Number Short Description Material Pack Size Price Qty
UMC-5 Clip, Mounting, Universal 2 to 2-1/2in od 1
UMC-1 Clip, Mounting, Universal 7/8 to 1in od 1
UMC-3 Clip, Mounting, Universal 1-3/8 to 1-5/8in od 1
UMC-4 Clip, Trap Mounting Universal 1-5/8 to 1-7/8in od Mounting Clip 1
MT120-4 Economy Moisture Trap 1/4in 120cc Moisture 1
MT200-4 Economy Moisture Trap 1/4in 200cc Moisture 1
MT400-4 Economy Moisture Trap 1/4in 400cc Moisture 1
MT120-2 Economy Moisture Trap 1/8in 120cc Moisture 1
MT200-2 Economy Moisture Trap 1/8in 200cc Moisture 1
MT400-2 Economy Moisture Trap 1/8in 400cc Moisture 1
MSR-1 Economy Moisture Trap Refill 1pt Moisture Refill 1
MT-4-SS Trap H2O HighPress 1/4in Moisture 1
MT-2-SS Trap H2O HighPress 1/8in Moisture 1
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