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MP-AES Torches

MP-AES Torches from Agilent

The Agilent 4200 MP-AES features a plug and play torch, optimized for high precision and sensitivity with the recommended power and gas flow settings. The torch features a unique polymer base that fits easily into the simple and effective torch-loader mechanism. This automatically aligns the torch and connects the gases to ensure fast start-up and reproducible performance. Once loaded, there is no need for further adjustments of the torch. Automatic alignment ensures reproducible performance is achieved with each operator, and helps to greatly reduce instrument to instrument variability.Agilent’s 4200 MP-AES also features a robust vertical torch with end-on axial viewing for excellent detection limits. This means uncompromised measurements and best performance with difficult samples such as those with high total dissolved solids. The vertical orientation also ensures reduced cleaning and downtime.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
G8003-20011 Ball Joint Adaptor MP-AES Inert Torch
G8000-64140 Clamptorch with ball joint socket 1pk
G8003-60018 Easy-fit Inert Torch for 4200 MP-AES 1pk
G8000-70002 Easy-fit torch - 4100 MP-AES
G8003-70000 Easy-fit torch for 4200 MP-AES
G8003-68003 Torch Cleaning stand 4200 MP-AES 1pk
  • The plug and play torch eliminates torch alignment, ensuring fast start-up and reproducible results
  • Reliable torch loader automatically aligns the torch and connects gases for fast start up and reproducible performance
  • Easy access to sample introduction components, to aid routine maintenance and troubleshooting, minimizing downtime
  • Accuracy even with difficult samples - the vertical plasma torch provides excellent performance for tough samples with axial viewing for the best sensitivity
  • Reduced injector blockage, thanks to the vertically oriented torch, improving long term stability and reducing downtime
  • Reduce sample preparation. The axially viewed vertical plasma handles your toughest samples - from food and soil digests to soil extractions
  • Improve productivity when running hydrofluoric (HF) acid digests. The inert torch enables direct analysis of HF acid digests directly without a prior neutralization step
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