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Nebulizers and Supplies

Nebulizers and Supplies from Agilent

Agilent's high quality ICP-MS Nebulizers disperse the measured sample solution from the peristaltic pump as a fine mist into the spray chamber. This is carried out using a stream of argon gas. There are three types of nebulizers available: Babington nebulizers for introducing samples with high matrix and high TDS (total dissolved salts) levels, concentric nebulizers for use with clean samples (available in Pyrex or quartz versions) and CrossFlow nebulizers which are the standard nebulizers for the ICP-MS inert kit. A full range of connection accessories including tubing, end caps, O-rings and other fittings are available for all models.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
G8400-60700 Argon humidifier two gas lines 7900
G1833-65583 Carrier gas line connector Microflow neb
G1820-65138 Concentric nebulizer (Quartz) 1pk
G3266-80010 EzyFit Sample Inlet 0.25mm id 10pk
G3266-80011 EzyFit Sample Inlet 0.5mm id 10pk
G3266-80015 EzyLok gas connector for concentric nebulizer
G1820-65533 Ferrule and O-Ring kit for carrier gas 1pk
5190-0148 Laboratory Bottle 250ml clear (no cap)
5069-4496 Membrane tube with female locking luer
G1960-20033 Microflow Nebulizer Needle
G3139-65108 MicroFlow Nebulizer PFA (20) with I-AS probe
G3139-65102 MicroFlow Nebulizer PFA (200) with I-AS probe
G3139-65100 MicroFlow nebulizer PFA 200uL/min 1pk
G3139-65106 MicroFlow nebulizer PFA 20-50uL/min 1pk
G3266-65003 MicroMist nebulizer (Glass) 1pk
G3266-80004 MicroMist nebulizer (Glass) U-series 1pk
G3266-80005 MicroMist nebulizer with PEEK gas fitting, 1pk, Used with 8900 ICP-MS 
G3161-80001 Mira Mist nebulizer (PEEK) 1pk
G3161-80000 Mira Mist nebulizer (PTFE) 1pk
G3266-80020 Nebulizer Cleaner for concentric nebulizer
G3266-80017 Nebulizer gas Tubing with PEEK connector 1pk
G1820-65491 O-Ring kit for Concentric Nebulizer 7500/7700 and 8800 ICP-MS
G1820-65520 O-Rings for Concentric Nebulizer organic Solvent 4pk
G1820-65199 O-rings, Viton for Babington nebulizer, 4pk
G1820-60160 Sample line connector for concentric nebulizer, Includes Viton O-ring, 1pk
CP913777 Sample Tubing MiraMist 0.018in id 10pk
G3280-80602 Total consumption nebulizer for capillary LC
G8400-60710 Tubing kit argon humidifier 7900 ICP-MS
G3266-80013 UniFit Sample connector 0.25mm id 10pk
G3266-80012 UniFit Sample connector 0.5mm id 10pk
  • Babington nebulizers are used for introducing samples with high matrix and high TDS (total dissolved salts) levels and are provided with O-rings, sample tubing and connector
  • Ensure the Babington nebulizer remains in peak performance by cleaning the system when orifices become clogged or when contaminated. Replace tubing when heavily contaminated by high matrix samples causing memory effects to remain even after cleaning.
  • The Babington nebulizer end cap is also available including O-ring and blend gas line connector
  • Concentric nebulizers are recommended for use with clean samples as the inner capillary may become clogged by particles or high concentrations of salt
  • Two types of concentric nebulizer are available: Pyrex (for use with clean samples only - not resistant to hydrochloric acid) and quartz (recommended for trace analysis of clean samples - lower contamination level than that of the Pyrex nebulizer)
  • A full range of connection accessories including end caps, blend gas line connectors, O-rings for end cap, O-rings for fittings to end cap, PTFE are available manufactured to Agilent's high quality standards
  • Ensuring the longevity of nebulizer through regular cleaning with a 5% HNO3 (v/v) bath (do not use ultrasonic bath) and replace system when the capillary is broken or the nebulizer is damaged
  • The CrossFlow nebulizer is the standard nebulizer for the ICP-MS inert kit, and is resistant to hydrofluoric acid
  • The CrossFlow nebulizer includes bushing, carrier gas line connector, blend gas line connector, sample tubing, and gas line tubings sample tubing, and gas line tubings
  • Ensure carrier gas pressure is set to 500 kPa during use and clean the system with 5% HNO3 (v/v) bath. Replace the CrossFlow nebulizer when memory effects remain after cleaning
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