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PFA Inert Sample Introduction Kit Supplies

PFA Inert Sample Introduction Kit Supplies from Agilent

Agilent manufactures a range of high quality ICP-MS replacements, accessories and consumables including PFA Inert Sample Introduction Kit Supplies. A full range of accessories are available including connector and drain tubes, injector assemblies and torches for 7500 and 7700 ICP-MS systems. All PFA Inert Sample Introduction Kit Supplies are designed to Agilent’s demanding specifications and can help to achieve the market-leading ICP-MS performance that our valued clients have come to expect. To maintain system performance, ensure that consumables are periodically replaced in accordance with recommended maintenance schedules

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
G3285-80023 Connector tube for inert kit, no port
G4912-80016 Connector Tube with gas port inert kit
G3285-80020 End Cap for Inert Kit PFA
G3139-65005 Injector, Pt, 2mm, PFA Base, use with MicroFlow
G3285-80024 Long connector Tube for ICP-MS inert kit
G3285-80085 O-Rings for injector inert torch 10pk
G3285-80022 PFA drain tube for inert kit 7500 ICP-MS
G4912-80014 PFA drain Tube for inert kit ICP-MS
G4912-68003 PFA Inert kit Platinum 1.5mm with Torch
G4912-68001 PFA Inert kit Platinum 2.5mm with Torch
G4912-68002 PFA Inert kit Sapphire 1.5mm with Torch
G4912-68000 PFA Inert kit Sapphire 2.5mm with Torch
G4912-80011 Platinum injector inert torch 1.5mm id
G3285-80035 Platinum injector inert torch 2.5mm id
G3285-80037 Platinum injector, inert torch, 1.5mm id
G3285-80036 Sapphire injector 1.5mm id with O2 port
G4912-80010 Sapphire injector inert torch 1.5mm id
G3285-80034 Sapphire injector inert torch 2.5mm id
G3285-80021 Spray chamber for Inert KitPFA
G4912-80012 Torch for PFA inert kit for 7700/8800 ICP-MS 1pk
G3139-65006 Torch quartz, without injector for MicroFlow
  • A complete kit containing a PFA end cap, PFA spray chamber, connecting tube, demountable quartz torch, torch injector (4 options are available: platinum or sapphire with a 2.5 mm or 1.5 mm injector) with PFA base
  • Easy to install in the standard Peltier-cooled spray chamber mount of the 7700. System uses a simple push-fit torch connector to aid assembly and disconnection
  • The O-ring free design and PFA construction material ensure low Background Equivalent Concentrations (BEC) and Detection Limits (DL)
  • Added flexibility for organic solvent analysis with an optional connecting pipe with gas port for the addition of O2/Ar
  • Compatible with PFA MicroFlow concentric nebulizer, PFA MicroFlow nebulizer with I-AS probe, PFA concentric 200 µL/min nebulizer and PFA concentric 200 µL/min nebulizer with probe
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