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Porvair Heat Sealer | Ultraseal Pro & LITE

Porvair heat sealer instruments effectively seal microplates and glass tubes to protect samples during storage and transportation. Choose from the fully automated Ultraseal Pro model which seals using rolls of film, or the semi-automated Ultrseal LITE model which seals using sheets of film.

Ultraseal Pro is the latest heat-sealing instrument designed to effortlessly seal microplates and tubes while ensuring maximum protection with a tighter seal. The Ultraseal Pro is compact, versatile, and fully automated for reliable and consistent sealing.

Ultraseal LITE is the effortless, lightweight heat sealer designed to tightly seal polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene microplates and glass tubes. Ideal for low to medium throughput laboratories, this compact and user-friendly instrument can seal up to 6 plates per minute with a high degree of integrity and reproducibility.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
500290 UltraSeal Pro Automated Heat sealer for plates and tube racks 1
500084 Plate adaptor 384 well PCR plates 1
500083 Skirtless PCR plate adaptor 96 well 1
500110 Spare plate weight to hold film down during sealing - for Recessed plates only 1
500213 Spare plate weight to hold film down during sealing - for Standard & Rimless plates only 1
500091 Ultraseal Lite - Semi Automated heat sealer for microplates and tubes 1
250-10085 Ultraseal ePRO MINI
250-10039 Ultraseal ePRO - Automated Heat sealer
250-10081 Ultraseal coldPRO - Automated Adhesive Plate Sealer
250-10011XT Ultraseal XT-PRO

Ultraseal Pro

  • Fully compatible with lab automation
  • Customisable, password-protected programs for consistent sealing
  • Seals up to 6 plates per minute
  • Built-in sensors to monitor seal integrity
  • Gas purge option for greater protective barrier
  • Compatible with ANSI standard plates and vial holders
  • Suitable for polypropylene, polystyrene and polycarbonate and cyclin olefin copolymer (COC) plates
  • Seals 24-, 48-, 96- and 384-well microplates
  • Ideal for PCR, qPCR and other assays and storage-based applications
  • Seals using rolls of film
  • Compatible with a wide range of seals including optically clear, low temperature films, gas permeable films and foils

Ultraseal LITE

  • Simple slide & seal operation
  • Seal up to 6 plates per minute
  • Fully electric for reliable sealing and optimal programming
  • Auto-adjusting sensors for different plate heights (no spacers required)
  • Suitable for polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene plates
  • Ability to seal PCR plates
  • Compatible with heat seals in sheet format (125 x 78mm)


Porvair Ultraseal Lite and Heat Seals Brochure (1.78 MB)
Intuitive semi-automatic heat sealer and compatible heat sealing films and foils
Ultraseal Pro Brochure (1.15 MB)
The fully automated heat sealer for plates and tubes
Porvair Catalogue (5.34 MB)
Comprehensive range of precision-assembled, top quality microplates to enhance your research and analysis
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