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Porvair Microlute PPP - Protein Precipitation Plate

The Porvair Microlute PPP - Protein Precipitation Plate is designed to efficiently precipitate proteins from plasma and serum. Using the crash method, proteins are precipitated or ‘crashed’ out with acetonitrile and filtered. The 96 well plate efficiently handles processing up to 96 samples at once and ensure minimal protein contamination during injection into chromatographic systems.

The Microlute PPP plate uses a novel dual filter to efficiently removal proteins without leakage of samples. The super hydrophobic filter prevents samples from leaking through until fully denatured while the depth filter allows complete precipitation without any blockages when positive pressure or vacuum is applied. This simple yet effective method for protein precipitation is easily automatable for high-throughput protein removal.

Part Number Short Description SPE Format Pack Size Price Qty
240010 P3 High Efficiency Protein Precipitation Plate (Untreated Frits), 1pk 96 Well 1
240100 P3 Protein Precipitation Plate, 1pk 96 Well 1
240200 P3 Protein Precipitation Plate, 5pk 96 Well 5
  • Dual frit design
  • Pre-filter frit at 100 µm traps large flocculant particles
  • Secondary frit traps fine protein particles at <10 µm
  • Frits are hydrophobic/oleophobic to retain sample/acetonitrile in the well to allow precipitation of proteins until vacuum is applied
  • Pore size optimised to allow ideal flow rate
  • Inert filter material to ensure no adsorption of sample components
  • Frit structure prevents break through of protein particles
  • Industry standard MicroLute format enables easy automation
  • Specially selected polypropylene for low extractables
  • The high efficiency plate has untreated frits and is used when sample and acetronitrile are pre-mixed before being pipetted into the plate
Microlute PPP Protocol (0.98 MB)
Method for removal of proteins by protein crash using Microlute PPP plates
Porvair Microlute Sample Preparation Brochure (5.50 MB)
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Porvair Catalogue (5.34 MB)
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