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Positive Pressure Manifolds

Positive Pressure Manifolds from Agilent

Positive pressure processing of cartridges and 96-well plates, such as solid phase extraction (SPE), supported liquid extraction (SLE), and filtration (protein precipitation), offers many advantages over traditional vacuum processing. Conventional vacuum manifolds pull liquid from the bottom of a cartridge or 96-well plate. When faster flowing cartridges run dry, the vacuum will follow the path of least resistance through the empty cartridges, thereby slowing the flow through the remaining cartridges. This inconsistency can lead to variations in processing times and irreproducible results.

The Agilent positive pressure manifolds are an excellent alternative for sample processing. The manifolds have unique restricted flow ports to create consistent gas flow through every channel, even when channels are not being used, or run dry. This consistency ensures reproducibility from row-to-row and cartridge-to-cartridge regardless of the cartridge or well contents.

PPM-48 can process up to 48 sample preparation cartridges simultaneously, allowing for higher throughput than traditional 24-cartridge vacuum manifolds. Cartridge racks are available in 1, 3, and 6 mL sizes, which support multiple sample preparation products and laboratory protocols.

The PPM-96 is compatible with 96-well plates, Agilent VersaPlate formats, and 1 mL tabless cartridges (using a 1mL tabless cartridge holder).

Part Number Short Description Type Pack Size Price Qty
5191-4102 1mL SPE Cartridge Rack for PPM-48 PPM-48 1
5191-4119 1mL Tabless Cartridge Holder for PPM-96 PPM-96 1
5191-4103 3mL SPE Cartridge Rack for PPM-48 PPM-48 1
5191-4104 6mL SPE Cartridge Rack for PPM-48 PPM-48 1
5191-4105 Collection Rack 10 x 75mm Tubes for PPM-48 PPM-48 1
5191-4109 Collection Rack 12 x 32mm Vials for PPM-48 PPM-48 1
5191-4106 Collection Rack 12 x 75mm Tubes for PPM-48 PPM-48 1
5191-4107 Collection Rack 13 x 100mm Tubes for PPM-48 PPM-48 1
5191-4108 Collection Rack 16 x 100mm Tubes for PPM-48 PPM-48 1
5191-4120 Holder for Plates for PPM-96 PPM-96 1
5191-4114 Installation Kit for PPM-48 and PPM-96 PPM-48 and PPM-96
5191-4101 Positive Pressure Manifold 48 Processor PPM-48 1
5191-4116 Positive Pressure Manifold 96 Processor PPM-96 1
5191-4110 Sealing Gasket for PPM-48 PPM-48 1
5191-4117 Sealing Gasket for PPM-96 PPM-96 1
5191-4121 Single Well Waste Plate for PPM-96 PPM-96 1
5191-4113 Waste Bin for PPM-48, 3pk PPM-48 3
5191-4112 Waste Rack with 3 Waste Bins for PPM-48 PPM-48
  • Uniform flow: restricted-flow ports ensure consistent processing across the manifold, regardless of cartridge or well contents
  • No more troublesome stopcocks: the PPM-48 eliminates the need for stopcocks that are necessary with vacuum manifolds and must be individually and manually controlled
  • Speed and cost efficiency: 48-cartridge capacity lets you process more samples at once
  • Time and resource savings: the autosampler vial collection rack for the PPM-48 allows you to skip the final transfer step
  • Easy alignment: the self-adjusting manifold correctly aligns 96-well plates, cartridges, test tubes, and autosampler vials without the need for extra spacers
  • Greater flexibility: forced gas supplies a wide range of pressures for processing diverse samples, including viscous samples
Agilent Sample Preparation Catalogue (22.25 MB)
Consumable items for sample preparation from Agilent
Positive Pressure Manifold Flyer (956.32 kB)

Overview of the Agilent Positive Pressure Manifolds

Positive Pressure Manifold Technical Guide (1.29 MB)

Technical overview of Agilent's Positive Pressure Manifold 48 and 96 Processors

Positive Pressure Manifold User Guide (1.04 MB)

User guide for the Agilent Positive Pressure Manifolds

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