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Probe Accessories

Probe Accessories from Agilent

You can convert your Cary spectrophotometer into a remote measurement system using a fiber optic coupler in just two minutes. Couplers allows you to take UV-Vis reading with our fiber optic probes from several meters away. Our other probe accessories include probe holders, alignment loops, light shields and replacement probe tips.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
7910028900 Fiber optic probe lite shield Cary 1/300
7910034600 Replaceable probe tip Torlon 20 mm 1pk
7910034500 Replaceable probe tip Torlon 40 mm 1pk
9910068500 UV-Vis reflectance probe Holder 1pk
Agilent Spectroscopy Supplies Catalogue 2023 (6.81 MB)
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