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Indicating Oxygen Traps

Indicating Oxygen Traps from Agilent

This is an improved, compact indicating filter for high-efficiency oxygen removal, suitable for use with chromatography carrier gas streams. It removes oxygen to low-ppb levels, with an indicator that changes color from green to gray when adsorption capacity is depleted. The adsorbent forms copper oxide in the presence of oxygen; no gas is generated.

The Glass Indicating Oxygen Trap is recommended as a downstream indicator for high-capacity traps. It can be used with non-oxidizing gases such as He, Ar, N2, H2 or CH4, with maximum recommended flow rate of 150 cc/min. The absorbents are held in a heavy-walled inner glass tube, shielded by an outer clear plastic tube for increased safety. Maximum pressure is 6.8 bar (100 psig). Approximate dimensions are 3.5 cm x 26 cm including fittings.

Dual Seal Design: In this design the glass inner tube is protected by a sealed outer plastic tube. Even if the glass tube fails, the gas system is fully protected against leaks.

Part Number Short Description Material Pack Size Price Qty
UMC-2 Clip, Trap Mounting Universal 1-1/8 to 1-3/8in od Mounting Clip 1
5182-9401 DG-Glass Indicating O2 Trap 1/4in 1
5182-9402 DG-Glass Indicating O2 Trap 1/4in SS 1
5182-9201 DG-Glass Indicating O2 Trap 1/8in 1
5182-9202 DG-Glass Indicating O2 Trap 1/8in SS 1
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