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Oxygen/Moisture Traps

Oxygen/Moisture Traps from Agilent

Oxygen/moisture adsorbents team up to give you two functionalities in the same trap. Unlike some oxygen/moisture traps, these traps are disposable.

Consider the safety, performance, and cost advantages of Agilent capillary-grade oxygen/moisture traps (OT3) compared to heated, catalytic traps.

  • Optimized for maximum surface area and capacity
  • Leak-free, one-piece design (tested to 2000 psi)
  • Bed material treated with ultra-high purity helium
  • Filter design: prevents channeling, promotes efficient scrubbing
    • In addition to inert gases (nitrogen, helium, argon, and krypton), the Agilent OT3 Trap treats streams of hydrogen, alkanes, alkenes, aliphatic hydrocarbon gases, low boiling aromatics, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and argon-methane.

Part Number Short Description Material Pack Size Price Qty
OT3-4-SS 1/4in O2/H2O Trap with SS Fitting Combination 1
OT3-2-SS 1/8in O2/H2O Trap with SS Fitting Combination 1
OT1-4 Oxygen Trap, 1/4in Oxygen 1
OT1-2 Oxygen Trap, 1/8in Oxygen 1
OT-4-SS Trap O2 Hi Pressure SS 1/4in Oxygen 1
OT-2-SS Trap O2 Hi Pressure SS 1/8in Oxygen 1
OT3-4 Trap O2/H2O 1/4in Combination 1
OT3-2 Trap O2/H2O 1/8in Combination 1
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