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Unison HPLC Columns by Imtakt

The Unison family of columns provide a wide range of high quality reverse phase and normal phase columns.  The quality of the material provides high efficiency with low backpressure and 100% aqueous stability. Peak shape is also improved with the use of our polymeric end-capping technology..

The Unison series of columns are available in a variety of stationary phases to meet a wide range of chromatographic needs:

  • UK-C18- 100% aqueous stable 3µm C18
  • US-C18 - 100% aqueous stable 5µm C18
  • UK-C8 - Excellent surface coverage therefore ideal for basic compounds
  • UK-Phenyl - High efficiency phenyl stationary phase adds pi-pi selectivity
  • UK-Silica - Unbonded silica phase ideal for polar normal phase chromatography
  • UK-Amino - High quality long-life amino phase for carbohydrate or HILIC separations


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