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Programmable Sample Dispenser

The Programmable Sample Dispensers (PSD) are high-capacity autosamplers that are used with Graphite Furnace AA.

Part Number Short Description Volume Price Qty
9910115100 Capillary assembly for PSD-120 5pk
9910032300 Capillary assembly PSD-95/96/97/100 5pk
5410046300 Disc carousel PSD 120 130 Samples 1pk
9910091200 Furnace workhd viewing mirror GTA110/120
6610008200 Glass beakers 25mL Bulk standard PSD 5pk
9910115600 Plastic beakers 10mL Bulk standard PSD 5pk
4710003100 Plunger for 100uL syringe for PSD, 1pk, PTFE tipped, Suits PSD-96/97/100/110 autosampler used with graphite furnace AA      
6610012100 Rinse bottle 1000mL, for PSD-97/100/120
1510146800 Screw Knurled M4 Retaining Block 1pk
4710003200 Syringe 100uL for PSD 120 1pk 100 uL
4710002300 Syringe 100uL for PSD-95/96/97/100 100 uL
9910028200 Vials 2mL conical polyethylene 1000pk
6610025900 Vials polyethylene 1.1mL 2000pk
  • "Plug and play" mounting with an ultrastable mounting and position lock, eliminating re-alignment
  • Provides capacity for up to up to 50 samples in disposable 2 mL microvials, plus up to five central vessels for blank, bulk standard, and chemical modifiers
  • Can automatically perform sample preparation processes for GFAAS, eliminating time-consuming manual sample preparation
  • Provides flexible dispensing options that are commonly used in GFAAS, including hot inject, multiple injection, and pre- or postaddition of modifiers
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