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PVC Tubing for Aqueous Samples

PVC Tubing for Aqueous Samples from Agilent

Agilent PVC tubing is suitable for aqueous samples.

Part Number Short Description Material Price Qty
3710027200 Peristaltic Pump Tubes PVC Black/Black 12pk PVC
3710034600 Peristaltic Pump Tubes PVC Blue/Blue 12pk PVC
3710034500 Peristaltic Pump Tubes PVC Grey/Grey 12pk PVC
3710068800 Peristaltic Pump Tubes PVC Orange/Orange 12pk PVC
3710046900 Peristaltic Pump Tubes PVC Orange/White 12pk PVC
3710034400 Peristaltic Pump Tubes PVC White/White 12pk PVC
  • Standard PVC tubes are suitable for all aqueous solutions, medium-concentrated acids and bases

Standard pump tubing sizes used with Agilent ICP-OES systems for aqueous samples

Axial ICP-OES*
Sample White/White
Drain Blue/Blue
Internal Standard Orange/White


Radial ICP-OES*
Sample Grey/Grey
Drain Blue/Blue
Internal Standard Orange/White

* For organic solvents and high matrix samples, the sample pump tube used would be smaller in diameter e.g. black/black

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