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QLA Calibration Tools

Calibration Tools from QLA

Mechanical Calibration parameters are easily verified using QLA’s innovative family of Calibration Tools. All are supplied with NIST traceable calibration certificates and user manuals. These Calibration tools have been designed for use on most Dissolution Baths.

All tools (except the verticality meter) are serialized and supplied with a tracable 1 year certificate of calibration.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
EUROINDC-M 10mm OD Shaft for CNTGAG-MI, 316 SS
DEPSET-SBA 1cm Depth Set Tool for Stationary Basket, Black Delrin, Serialized with 1 year calibration
DEPSET-SB 1cm Stationary Basket Spacer for Legacy VanKel Baths
DEPSET-MI2L 25mm Ball Style Depth Set Tool for 2L baths, Serialized with 1 year calibraiton
DEPSET-MI 25mm Ball Style Depth Set Tool, Serialized with 1 year calibration
ASTMBALL-25 25mm Ball, Multi-Instrument, Serialized with 1 year calibration
DEPSET-25 25mm Blade Style Depth Set Tool Black Acrylic
DDAPT-CH 25mm Blade Style Digital Depth Gauge
DDAPT-Q 25mm Blade Style Digital Depth Gauge with B Arm (970-02-01)
DEPGAG-VK 25mm Depth Set Gauge Stainless Steel VanKel Style
DEPSET-25SV 25mm Depth Set Tool for Small Volume and Chinese Small Volume
DDAPT-PLUS 25mm Digital Depth Gauge includes DEPSET-25A
DEPSET-25A 25mm Enhanced Depth Set Tool Carbon Fiber
DEPSET-45 45mm Ball Style Depth Set Tool, Serialized with 1 year calibration
DEPSET-45A 45mm Blade Style Depth Set Tool Black Acrylic
DPSPPD-45 45mm Paddle Height Spacer for Legacy VanKel Baths
ADPTR-VK Agilent/VanKel/Varian Adapter for use with CNTGAG-MI
DPSPBK-VK Basket Height Spacer for Legacy VanKel Baths
DEPSET-PK Depth Set Tool for Apex vessels, Serialized with 1 year calibration
ADPTR-EL Electrolab Adapter for use with CNTGAG-MI
EVERCLEAR Ever-Clear Water Bath Treatment, Single Dose
EVERCLEAR-12 Ever-Clear Water Bath Treatment, Single Dose, 12 pack
EVERCLEAR-48 Ever-Clear Water Bath Treatment, Single Dose, 48 pack
GNGDEP Go/No Go 25mm Depth Gauge Black Acrylic Serialized
ADPTR-HR Hanson Adapter for use with CNTGAG-MI
DPSPPD-VK Paddle Height Spacer for Legacy VanKel Baths
COLLAR-75 Shaft Collar for Vessel Verticality to be used with CNTGAG-MI and SPCR80
ADPTR-ST Sotax (with in shaft sampling upper shaft)
CNTGAG-MI Vessel Centering Gauge Original Style Dial Faceplate

Wobble Meter (WOBMET-UN) - The Wobble Meter uses a special vessel cover that fits securely inside the top of the vessel. The gauge is firmly attached to this cover then placed against the shaft or basket. The shaft is then rotated at a slow speed and the wobble (displacement) is displayed on the easy to read dial. The gauge works with all open dissolution baths (where you can access the vessel during the test).

Vibration Meter (VIBMET-UN) - This simple Vibration Meter allows you to quickly assess vibration levels and ensure that low levels are maintained when new equipment is introduced into the lab or after routine bath maintenance. It uses digital electronics but is equipped with an analog needle display. For this type of device, an analog display is better than a digital one because it gives a much better feel for the nature of the vibrations. The meter uses an accelerometer probe that is calibrated to the meter as a matched set. The probe end has a custom mounting block that is compatible with most dissolution instruments.

Universal Level (LEVEL-UN) - The bath’s vessel plate must be level to ensure the bath has been properly set up. Baths are equipped with adjustable feet which may be adjusted while observing the Universal Level to achieve vessel plate levelness. The certified level is a simple circular, bubble level that allows quick and easy verification of the vessel plate level in all directions at once.

Verticality Meter (VERTMET-MI) - This digital Verticality Meter is a highly precise device which permits accurate measurement of shaft and vessel verticality as required by the ASTM Specification. The meter is suitable for any open dissolution bath where vessels and shafts are accessible. The meter requires a simple user calibration at each time of use and for this reason is not supplied with a certificate of calibration (Available on request only).

Depth Setting Tools (DEPSET-25, DEPSET-25A, DEPSET-MI, DEPGAG-VK, ASTMBALL-25, DEPSET-45, DEPSET-PK, DEPSET-SB) - QLA offers multiple tools for setting the height of the basket/ paddle (use DDAPT-Plus to measure the height). See descriptions and pictures to identify which style will best suit the needs of your laboratory. To set the correct depth, simply place the gauge at the bottom of the vessel, lower the basket or paddle until it touches the spacer and lock the shaft into position.

Depth Measuring Gauges, Digital Depth Gauge (DDAPT-Plus) - The new Digital Depth Gauge is an extremely precise instrument used to accurately measure the basket/paddle distance from the vessel spherical bottom. This allows basket or paddle height to be determined within .01mm. The DDAPT-Plus Digital Depth Gauge is made to fit most open access dissolution baths.

Optical Tachometer (TACHOM-UN) - The most accurate method of measuring the rotational speed is by using an Optical Tachometer. A reflective sticker is placed on the shaft or shaft drive, the Optical Tachometer shines an infrared light on to the shaft at this point. The reflection is then measured at every rotation, giving an accurate reading of the rotational speed. The tachometer can be used on all dissolution baths.

Centering Gauge (CNTGAG-MI) - The Centering Gauge comes with a 3/8” OD surrogate shaft that fits directly into the shaft drive. A 10mm OD surrogate shaft (EUROINDC-M) is also available separately. The gauge may be placed near the vessel top and bottom (beginning of the spherical radius). This allows the impact of vessel verticality on centering to be evaluated. The spindle is rotated slowly and the measuring arm follows the inside of the vessel perimeter. Deviation from the center position can be directly read from the dial, which always faces the operator. The gauge works on most open access baths. For bathless systems where the shaft cannot be easily removed, the gauge fits directly onto the bottom of the shaft once the basket hub or paddle is removed.

Calibrated Thermometer (THERMD-LC) - The digital Calibrated Thermometer is an extremely accurate thermistor-based low cost thermometer. It is ideal for validating dissolution bath and media temperature as well as general lab use. A simple switch lets you set the digital display to show either Celsius or Fahrenheit readings. The thermometer is supplied with a certificate of calibration.

Validation Tool Kits (VALTOL-KT2 & VALTOL-ASTM) - Our Validation Tool Kits contain everything necessary to make a complete calibration of a dissolution bath.

  • The VALTOL-KT2 standard tool kit contains a Centering Gauge, Precision Level, Wobble Meter, Go/No Go Gauge (this is used to verify that the height is more than 23mm but less than 27mm) and a 25mm Depth Set Tool.
  • The VALTOL-ASTM Tool Kit is the same as the KT2 kit but also includes the verticality meter and manual verticality tools.

Both kits contain instruction manuals, together with individual certificates of calibration.

QLA provides a comprehensive set of validation tools to measure the key variables shown in the table below.

Specification ASTM USP
Shaft Wobble 1.0 mm No significant wobble
Shaft Verticality Must be vertical, bubble within the lines Not defined
Basket Wobble 1.0 mm maximum at the bottom rim 1.0 mm maximum at the bottom rim
Vessel Centering 1.0 mm maximum 2.0 mm maximum
Paddle/Basket Height +/- 8% or +/- 2.0 mm +/- 2.0 mm
Rotation 2% or +/- 2 rpm +/- 4%
Temperature +/- 0.5°C +/- 0.5°C
Vibration No significant vibration No significant vibration
Vessel Verticality 1° from vertical maximum Not specified
QLA Catalogue (8.70 MB)
Brochure with full range of QLA dissolution parts
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