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QLA Paddles

QLA offers electropolished 316 stainless steel paddles and a proprietary flouropolymer paddle (Patent Pending). The flouropolymer paddles provide a seamless construction eliminating corrosion and contamination encountered with conventional three-piece assemblies. Both styles comply with USP (711) and original equipment manufacturers dimensional specifications. All QLA paddles are precisely manufactured to limit rotational wobble to levels far below USP (711) specifications.

Part Number Short Description Length Type Material Price Qty
EPD012-ST 11.85 (300mm) Paddle with 10mm OD for Sotax 11.85 in Sotax E-polished
EPD012-EL 12 (305 mm) Paddle with 10mm OD for Electrolab 12 in Electrolab E-polished
EPD012-STSV 12.93 (328.5mm) Mini Paddle with 10mm OD for Sotax Small Volume 12.93 in Sotax E-polished
EPD013-01 14.5in (370mm) Paddle for V-Series, Electropolished 316 SS, Serialized 14.5 in V-Series E-polished
EPD015-01 15in (380mm) Paddle for VanKel/Varian, Electropolished 316 SS, Serialized 15 in VanKel/Varian E-polished
EPD016-02 16.5in (420mm) Paddle for Distek 2100, Electropolished 316 SS, Serialized 16.5 in Distek E-polished
EPD016-01 16in (405mm) Paddle for Hanson SR8-Plus, Electropolished 316 SS, Serialized 16 in Hanson E-polished
EPD019-01 19in (480mm) Paddle for VanKel/Varian, Electropolished 316 SS, Serialized 19 in VanKel/Varian E-polished
EPD021-01 21in (535mm) Paddle, Electropolished 316 SS, Serialized 21 in Agilent E-polished
EPD024-01 24in (610mm) Paddle, Electropolished 316 SS, Serialized 24 in Agilent E-polished

Types of Paddles

Electropolished 316 Stainless Steel - The 316 stainless steel (316 SS) shaft is strong and has a high resistance to bending. It is electropolished for removal of surface impurities and corrosion resistance.

PTFE Coated - The USP suggests that paddles may be coated with an inert coating. Most paddles are accordingly coated with PTFE or another inert coating. If peeling or flaking of the coating is observed then the paddles should be replaced.

Solid Fluoropolymer - The single piece molded design features a fluoropolymer blade and single piece stem molded onto an electropolished 316 SS shaft. This innovative design features no paddle-to-shaft joint, thus eliminating potential cross-contamination and removing a probable corrosion path. Wobble is also considerably reduced in the solid fluoropolymer paddle because it is a single piece cast.

Care & Maintenance

Shaft Storage - Bent or scratched shafts fail to comply with USP regulations so it is essential not to store shafts on a desk or loose in a drawer where damage or corrosion can occur. Proper storage in a basket shaft/paddle holder can prevent damage from occurring.

Wobble - A Wobble Meter (WOBMET-MI) is available to monitor paddle wobble.

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